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    First dance lessons

    First dance lessons

  • First Dance Planner
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    First dance packages

  • First Dance Planner

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  • First Dance Planner
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    First dance lessons

    First dance lessons

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First Dance Planner

Wedding First Dance Planner

Below is a rough guide to planning your wedding dance lessons

You may just take one dance lessons to help you prepare or one of our dance packages.

Prior To your Dance Lessons:

Choose your First Dance Song. This should be something that is really special to you both and reminds you of each other. If you can’t decide just bring all of your choices to the lessons. Then we can work out the perfect choice for you.

Pick your wedding shoes so that you have an idea of the height of the heel


First Lesson:

We will consult and design your first dance together so that it is perfect for you.

We will start by learning the basics needed for your First dance this will include the perfect hold, feet positioning and how you can learn to lead and read each other when dancing.

We will get rid of any dance worries you might have.

Bring a pair of heels to dance in similar to your wedding shoes

Lessons Two

In your second lessons we will choreograph and plan the main part of your first dance. Still focusing on how you can learn to read each other and dance together in perfect sync.


Lessons Three

During this lesson your First dance will really feel as if its coming together. You will start to relax and really enjoy dancing together and looking forward to your first dance.

During lesson three we will also look at Posture, how to walk in your wedding dress and how to look confident and beautiful walking down the aisle.


Lesson Four

Your final rehearsal

We will discuss and plan how you will start and end your first dance.

Bring your wedding shoes to this lesson to practise in.

If you are getting married in London couples often request this final lesson to be at their wedding venue.