Forever Dancing Their First Dance

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Alex and Jo had a hectic year since last April’s wedding. Now, they’re stuck at home with their first wedding anniversary honeymoon in tatters. But are they complaining? No – they’re forever dancing their first dance…

April Forever Wedding Dance

Alex and Jo’s hectic year started last April as they put the finishing touches to their wedding in Barnet, London.

We’d already been busy learning our Donna Summer first dance. As well as all the wedding preparations. Then we knew we had lots of work for the rest of the year. As we’d foregone a relaxing honeymoon to finish our new house. But nothing prepared us for the chaos!

Alex and Jo left their wedding elated from entertaining their guests. Forever First Dance choreographed the routine for their first wedding dance. Taking inspiration from Donna Summer’s Carry On video. The elation continued into summer as they remodelled their first house together. They decided to spend money on their home rather than a honeymoon. Hoping to get a break together once they finished.

January Joy

During June, Jo began to feel more and more tired. At first, she put it down to exertion from the house renovation. But it didn’t take them long to realise the true reason. So they were soon re-converting Alex’s study to a nursery.

With a demanding promotion for Alex and Jo’s preparations for motherhood the couple felt they had no time to relax. But with help from family and friends everything turned out well. With January seeing a joyous welcome for their daughter, Katie.

Forever Dancing Their First Dance

Jo had always hoped that their first anniversary could be a honeymoon in her beloved Italy. So it seemed like a family holiday-honeymoon might work. But before they could start planning a trip, any travel plans became impossible. Then Alex spotted Forever Dancing CD and had to buy it for the Donna Summer track.

So we’ve just heard back from Jo. She’s happily spending isolation time with Alex – Forever Dancing to their first wedding dance.

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